CL01 Clip-on Passive 3D Glasses Circular Polarized Lenses for Polarized TV Real D 3D Cinemas for Sony Panasonic

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Color: black
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  • This Clip-on 3D Passive glasses, which support Polarized 3D TV and Real D cinema, is specially designed for short-sighted people. It doesn't need to be charged. Free from signal and wave interference. It's light and economical. You can experience 3D visual effect at home without going to cinema.
  • Features:
  • * High-quality metal clip with silicom feet, durable and won't hurt the original glasses.
  • * Light, economical and practical clip-on 3D glasses design makes it easy to take.
  • * Specially designed for short-sighted people, you can experience 3D visual effect at home without going to cinema.
  • * 3D Glasses don't need to be charged, free from signal and wave interference.
  • * Suitable for different TV model like For Real D 3d theaters, dual projectors 3D cinemas,  home 3d cinemas, for LG/ for Philips/ for Vizio/ for Toshiba/ for Sony/ for Panasonic Passive 3D TV.
  • Note
  • 1. Confirm your TV is Polarized 3D TV and 3D TV format before purchasing the 3D glasses. It doesn't support shutter 3D TV.
  • 2. Please don't clean the glasses with water or dishwasher, clean it by a dry cloth or ultraviolet sterilization machine.
  • Specifications:
  • Model: CL01
  • Type: Polarized Passive 3D glasses
  • Material: Metal (spectacles frame)
  • Style: Clip-on Glasses
  • Compatible 3D TV Models
  • For LG:  new 2012 model LM3400 series, LM6200 series
  • 55LW9800, 65LW6500, 60PZ850, 47LW5700,  55LW5700,  47LW5600,  55LW5600, 47LW6500, 55LW6500,  47LW5300,  55LW5300,  42LW5300, 55LM7600,  47LM7600, 55LM6700, 47LM6700,  65LM6200,  55LM6200,  47LM6200, 42LM6200
  • For Philips: 50PFL7956T/12, 42PDL7906T/12, 32PDL7906T/12, 55PFL7606T/12, 37PFL7666T/12, 37PFL7606T/12
  • For Vizio: M3D650SV, M3D550SR, M3D460SR, M3D420SR, E3D470VX, E3D420VX, E3D320VX
  • Color: Black
  • Package Size: approx. 12.5 * 4.3 * 1.4cm / 4.92 * 1.69 * 0.55in
  • Package Weight: approx. 9g / 0.31oz
  • Package List:
  • 1 * Pair of Passive 3D Glasses
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