750ML Snow Foam Lance Bottle for Car Washer Compatible with Karcher K2-K7 Sprayer

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  • The professional foam spray works perfectly for cleaning your car, adjustable spray nozzle, saves your time and energy, saves water and eco-friendly. It is compatible with Karcher K2-K7 sprayer machines.
  • Features:
  • Foam lance with foam adjustment button and spray angle button, you can rotate the nozzle to change the spray pattern.
  • The dial at the top to control foam mixing, the bottle surface has a measuring guide line, easy to adjust the mixing ratio.
  • Made of premium quality material, long using time.
  • 750ml of large capacity, makes soft and fluffy snow foam, fun and simply, your car wash without touch.
  • Compatible with Karcher K2-K7 sprayer machines.
  • Specifications:
  • Material: Brass nozzle + Nylon cover + HDPE bottle
  • Bottle Capacity: 750ML
  • Item Size: 210 * 190 * 80mm / 8.27 * 7.48 * 3.15in
  • Package Weight: 300g / 10.58ounces
  • Package Size: 220 * 200 * 95mm / 8.66 * 7.87 * 3.74in
  • Usage:
  • Step 1: Put the shampoo or wash powder & water into the bottle. (Please confrim the proportion of shampoo and water is correct! Generally, 20% shampoo & 80% water is suggested)
  • Step 2: Shake it.
  • Step 3: Complete the connection.
  • Warm Prompt:
  • 1. You can get the very thick foam like the above photos if your pressure washer can create 150Bar pressure at least, and your cleaning shampoo is concentrate shampoo.
  • 2. A pot of liquid in the foam lance can spray the whole car two or three times to achieve the effect of covering the whole car with rich foam.
  • 3. Clean it after use, preventing the blockage of the internal foam filter from affecting the next use.
  • Packing List:
  • 1 * Throw Foam
  • 1 * PA Bottle
  • 1 * Straw
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