5Pcs 10mm 500x500mm 20〃x20〃 Auto Car Truck Firewall Heat Sound Deadener Insulation Mat

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  • Feature:
    Strong sound insulation and absorption performance,heat insulation, damping and antisepsis
    Keeps Heat In-Cold Out in the Winter, Keeps Cold in-Heat Out in the Summer.In the winter, the engine temperature is very high, but outside is very low when driving, which make car parts damaged easier
    Scratch resistant. The surface high-fiber cloth is fiberglass. Heatproof .Block transmit sunlight, engine, exhaust pipe heat to the cab, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, saving fuel
    Slow down the car paint ageing.Because of hot weather, the front outer cover through the direct sun, high temperature inside and outside the engine, accelerated paint aging
    You can also use on car roof floors, hood , firewall, chassis, trunk room, trunk lid and so on.. Do not cover the chassis wiring or air holes.
    size:10mm 500x500mm 20〃x20〃
    This great product will keep the inside of your ride cool and quiet - it's easy to install and keeps out the heat and unwanted noise, works so good that of you put it in your doors it gives them a solid modern sound when they close.Could be used on floors, firewall, door panels, trunk, roof and any interior areas that should be insulated  
    Material:Aluminum Fiber+ Muffler Cotton
    No powder & Excellent vibration resistance  
    Excellent sound absorption properties  
    Will not contribute to metal corrosion  
    Very clean, not absorb odors, odorless  
    Easily installs,fit all kinds of vehicle type  
    Self sticking backing & Waterproof,dustproof. 
    Not to be applied directly to heat source including: exhaust pipes, mufflers or hot turbo pipes
    Installation Notices:
    1, Please clean the surface you want to paste.
    2, Make insulation materials and sheet metal firm fit, and play best adhesive, damping performance
    3, Do not cover the chassis wiring or air holes when you installation
    4, Appropriate use of adhesive tape will strengthen connections effect
    5, Paste Aluminum Soundproof/Damping Plate,you could heat with a hair dryer to make it soft, then compacted by hand. If the room temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, first with sun lamp heating it until soft. Then remove the wax paper and paste it
    6, A successful installation process is best not to repeat tear paste, paste effect won't be damaged
    7, The extra insulation can be pasted in some hidden place
    8, It is not possible that there is an effect on the hearing by only a door installation ,it requires completed construction
    9,Perfect for door, roof,floors,hood, firewall, chassis,trunk room, trunk lid and so on.
    Package includes:
    5 X Heat Shield Mat
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